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Lvheng Science and Technology takes technological innovation as the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Aiming at the raw water purification, oil-water and water treatment systems in the industries of gold treatment, municipal reform, electricity, petrochemical and paper-making, and relying on the deep understanding of customer needs, Lvheng Technology combines the product rationale of the leading industry with the rich product development experience, and through continuous technological research and development and team collaboration, ultimately in the treatment effect and place. A series of achievements have been made in management ability, energy saving and emission reduction, optimization of industrial processes, and many patents have been applied for. Because of its advanced technological concept, Lvheng Technology has been adopted by key state departments. Among them, the self-circulating high-density floating sludge filtration and sedimentation technology has been included in the Technical Guidelines for the Treatment of Urban Odor-Restraining Water Body-a Drainage Port, Pipeline and Vertical Well, which was formulated by the Ministry of Housing and Construction. Lvheng Technology is one of the compiling units of the Guidelines. This technology is suitable for the drainage outlet overflow and the initial rainwater Project management has been successfully applied in more than 120 projects. With cordial, open and strict management of corporate culture and scientific norms, Lvheng Science and Technology gathers a large number of outstanding people. The technical team, composed of senior experts in the industry, cooperates tacitly in product development, promotion and maintenance, deeply understands customer-centered, and penetrates the service into every detail of the company's operation and management, thus winning wide trust and support from customers.
High efficiency turbid water purification system
Based on the practical experience of turbid water treatment in iron and steel industry for many years, Lvheng Science and Technology has developed a new generation of turbid water treatment system with high efficiency, energy saving and short process, which can effectively remove oil and suspended solids in water and make the effluent meet the production requirements.
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Efficient sewage purification system
GreenEver High Efficiency Wastewater Purification Station has been developed by GreenEver since 2013, which makes up for the gaps in this technology in China. It can quickly purify the water quality and restore the water environment ecosystem in the aspects of river pollution control, sewage outlet control, sponge city construction, front-end treatment of constructed wetlands, and upgrading of sewage plants.
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Integrated Water Supply Purification System
The integrated water supply purification system adopts the patented technology independently developed by our company, which can be widely used in municipal and industrial industries to purify raw water from surface water sources. In 1993, the first high-efficiency integrated water purifier equipment was born in Yixing Automation Water Industry Equipment Factory, the predecessor of Lvheng Science and Technology. It was included in the Water Supply and Drainage Design Manual as a recommended product to the system and users of all design institutes in China. By 2010, Lvheng Science and Technology has developed the second generation of products, up to now, there are hundreds of applications in China.
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Advanced oxidation treatment technology
Advanced oxidation technology mainly utilizes the oxidizing ability of oxidants to thoroughly oxidize refractory organic matter in wastewater into carbon dioxide and water, so as to achieve the purpose of removing pollutants in wastewater. The oxidation tower developed by Lvheng is a high-efficiency oxidation equipment based on Fenton advanced oxidation. The oxidation tower combines fluidized bed technology, heterogeneous oxidation technology and carrier coating technology. At the same time, through the design of hydraulic dynamics, the conditions of Fenton oxidation reaction are brought into full play, so that wastewater and Fenton reagent can thoroughly contact with each other to achieve treatment effect and Fenton reagent can be used at the same time. Consumption was minimized.
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Anaerobic treatment technology
LOC anaerobic reactor is developed on the basis of traditional UASB reactor and EGSB anaerobic reactor. The core of LOC anaerobic reactor is based on a specially designed water distribution and three-phase separation module, which realizes the highly turbulent state of wastewater in the reactor, promotes the full contact between wastewater and anaerobic microorganisms, improves the efficiency of anaerobic mass transfer reaction, and effectively intercepts biological carriers to ensure that the reactor is always in the interior. In a state of high efficiency and benign circulation, the pollutants in water are degraded by a large margin, and the by-product biogas can be used as energy.
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High Efficiency Intensified Calcium Removal Technology
Based on the principle of shallow sediment, the highly efficient intensified calcium removal clarifier is developed on the basis of coagulation, flocculation, decalcification and sludge concentration. The equipment shell is made of steel or concrete. Through the high-efficiency mixing equipment at the front of the system, the wastewater reacts fully with coagulants and calcium removal reagents. Fine calcium sludge and colloidal substances in the wastewater are agglomerated by coagulation, and then enter the clarifier through the side-flow water distribution system.
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